Media articles related to Omaha Code School.

12/6/13 – Silicon Prairie News – M. Bannister (@meganebannister)
Organizers believe Omaha Code School will turn novices into new hires

12/22/13 – Omaha World Herald – P. Yowell (@PaigeYowell)
In search of developers, Omaha startup launches code school

1/18/14 – Omaha World Herald – P. Yowell (@PaigeYowell)
New school for developers will pair with nonprofits on tech help

1/19/14  – Silicon Prairie News – J. Pascale (@JWPascale)
Interface School wants to fill Omaha’s need for developers

1/23/14 – Omaha World Herald – P. Yowell (@PaigeYowell)
New at Midtown Crossing: Omaha Code School

2/18/14 – Nebraska Entrepreneurship – A. Timperley (@asha_timperley)
New schools aim to tackle Nebraska’s tech talent gap

2/21/14 – Silicon Prairie News – J. Pascale (@JWPascale)
More than $14,000 in scholarships given to Omaha Code School students

2/24/14 – Silicon Prairie News – A. von Dohren (@AndyvonDohren)
Omaha Code School student starts blogging his experience for SPN


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